Stunning, Custom Tailored Websites

Robust Themes  • Responsive Web Design • Cross Platform / Cross Browser Compatibility • Optimized Performance

 Using modern markup like HTML5 allows websites to run faster and execute advanced features.  Alongside HTML5, CSS3 provides the aesthetics to a website such as colors, gradients, and animations.  JavaScript acts like a nervous system behind a website, allowing for increased functionality and processing.  jQuery is a JavaScript framework that allows for the use of plugins like slideshow galleries and animations  Sassy CSS is a great way to organize front-end styles for websites and web applicatoins

Build A Tool, Not A Brochure


Responsive websites fit any device viewports and allow for greater readability and conversions

Many elements make up a strong web design. Technical points such as page load speed, optimized code, and relevant links; aesthetic elements like color theming, impact, and responsiveness, and of course lots and lots of relevant markup, <p>like this paragraph example</p>!

But not all websites are created equal, and being able to create clean, adaptable web designs is a must in the today's web industry. It's not just about making a website look good - it's about building a strong front-end framework that can tell compelling stories and generate conversions. Efficient web designs make websites run faster, perform better across variable browsers and platforms, and allows search engines to pinpoint sites more easily. Stronger web designs allows a business to scale it's capacity and overall ROI.

Our Design Philosophy

We value simplicity and objective-driven results in how websites perform, and proudly serve a wide variety of clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Using a variety of tools like HTML5 Bootstrap, Foundation, and Wordpress, we provide clients with beautiful designs that perform exceptionally and powerfully integrate with aggressive marketing strategies.

Stunning WordPress web designs for businesses and nonprofits in San Francisco


A majority of our clients enjoy using the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

Stunning WordPress web designs for businesses and nonprofits in San Francisco

Custom Builds

These websites use custom front-end programming for pixel-perfect results. Clients who choose custom designs value technical performance and speed more than anything else.

Stunning WordPress web designs for businesses and nonprofits in San Francisco


SCC is proudly involved with a few open-source web projects that target social initiatives. Recent projects involve mapping children's services in Haiti, as well as live disaster mapping for national cleanup efforts.

Stunning WordPress web designs for businesses and nonprofits in San Francisco


Does your vision need a powerful backbone? NationBuilder websites serve as rock-solid foundations for building powerful websites and applications. Perfect for nonprofits, political groups, and national/international brands.

Technical Craftsmanship Meets Narrative Storytelling

Perhaps the one of the largest details left out in the web design world is knowing how to tell stories in a digital medium. The fastest website in the world won't do you a bit of good if it cannot clearly communicate your message effectively or drive users to take action.

With us, you can rest assured that your site will not only showcase a beautiful design, but it will clearly communicate your brand's values to maximize conversions and user engagement. A website built by Straub Creative Company will deliver power, speed, and will implicitly make sense for new users, which means more prospects for you or your business.

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