San Francisco 3D Printing by Straub Creative Company

3D Printing  QU-BD, 3D Printing, open-source  arduino, open-source, prototyping, design, hardware  We create designs using Sketchup for 3D Printing. Read more here on @StraubCreative3d printing, prototyping, sketchup, scultpris

3D printing and advanced prototyping platforms have already revolutionized how the world produces. From mass replicating solar panels, to building houses for the homeless, to making your own funny gifts. Our goal at Straub Creative Company is to learn how tools like 3D printers can help build better communities.

Our Printer Model

QU-BD OneUp Open-Source Production Ready Printer, as a result of a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign.


SketchUp:  3D Design program for designing concepts and prototypes. Great for raw ideas and architecture / layouts.

Arduino: Open-source electronics platform that's programmable to work with other electronics and computers. We're still learning this one!

Sculptris: 3D Design program that uses digital "clay" to create forms and objects

Repetier Host: 3D design interface for prepping 3D Printer for production

Sample Prototypes