About Straub Creative Company

Competitive, Honest, & Highly Collaborative

Straub Creative Company is the collaboration of high-end independent specialists working together on project-based tasks. Because we emphasize openness and mutual success above all else, we help each other and our clients get what they want using SCRUM and AGILE workflows. These workflows leverage self-empowerment through a highly-collaborative work ethic, and is led by a non-hierarchal power structure so everyone is free to do what they do best.

Our focus areas are built around a variety of specializations, including web and application development, visual and graphic arts, online marketing in a variety of forms, along with lead generation and eCommerce.

Simply put, we build online brands from the ground up. We’ve perfected a number of formulas through years of industry experience and data-tested experiments, and showcase our results through a list of case studies which are available to read on this website. We invite business owners and social collaborators to join us in our efforts to foster mutual success and grow together.

Meet The Team

Members of our team act as independent contractors on a project-needs basis. Here are a few collaborators you might work with when considering us for your project:

Zachary Straub at Straub Creative Company

Zachary Straub

Owner @StraubCreative
Project Management, Design, & Online Marketing

Daphne Wyse at Straub Creative Company

Daphne Wyse

Business Relations Specialist
Operations & Public Relations

Andy Gimma

Andy Gimma

Backend Developer 
Web & Mobile Apps

Jill Hoffman at Straub Creative Company

Jill Hoffman

Design Specialist
Visual & Graphic Design

Projects We Love

Below you'll find a list of projects that excite us and would make a good fit for our services.

Brands Promoting A New Product Or Service

We offer a powerful combination of advertising strategies to get your product or service in front of highly targeted audiences within a short amount of time. You'll learn right away where your customers are, how to communicate with them, and what it takes to make a sale- saving you time and money, and boosting your overall ROI in the long run.

Businesses That Want More Local Visibility

Local SEO is one of our signature services. Every client that has worked with us on boosting their local rankings has taken over the front page of Google for their industry's keywords within an average of 60 days. Have customers coming to you instead of chasing them down yourself!

Online Stores Looking To Boost Sales

Take advantage of a customized needs assessment that addresses all of the weaknesses in your store's design and marketing strategy, and then work with us to improve each item one by one. By the end of our project, you'll be an unstoppable retailer with the knowledge and confidence to run your store like a pro!

Causes Or Movements That Inspire Positive Social Action

Better mobilize your volunteers, convert prospects, and strengthen the reach of your cause. We have an affinity for inspiring movements that really aim to make a difference in people's lives, as members of our team have been involved with nonprofits, NGO's, and community activism for many years. See for yourself the technical and marketing know-how we can bring to your organization!

Our Philosophy

It's pretty fashionable to say that technology is all about machines, but we've learned that the exact opposite is true. Using technology is a deeply personal experience for everyone, and facilitating it to others requires a lot of support and collaboration. In short, technology is really about building human relationships. For this reason, our business is all about the quality of projects we work on, rather than quantity.

Working with us means you will become a more knowledgable and capable business owner

We'll take care of all of the heavy lifting, but will guide you every step of the way on what you need to know to be tech-savy and in control of your business in an online-driven world.

I'm In, Let's Go!