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Facebook is the most powerful marketing platform in the world

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, year after year

It's a powerful statement, but it's true. Here are the facts as of 2017:

In case you had any lingering doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore.

The only people with power today are the audience. And that is increasing with Twitter, Facebook, and everything else. We cater to their likes and dislikes, and you ignore that at your peril.

Simon Cowell, America's Got Talent

10K Likes in 10 Days Formula

Example of routine Post Engagement for a highly engaged niche audience. In this example, we spent $0 to get ~4K Post Likes and 500 Shares

Performance screenshots can viewed by clicking the image(s) above. We have intentionally ommitted Page names due to the competitive practices in the industry.

Grow Your Page Like The Pros

Have you ever wondered how Pages like Collective Evolution or Upworthy are able to obtain MILLIONS of followers? Aside the technical know-how, the answer is pretty simple, and may surprise you: tell a compelling story and find the right people who will engage with your story.

Our 10K Likes in 10 Days Formula does just this, and is the tried-and-true answer for brands that are seeking REAL social engagement in the forms of Post Likes, Shares, and Comments, along with and Page Likes.

All of the social proof results obtained from our 10K Likes in 10 Days Formula are obtained by engaging REAL people that have genuinely expressed interest in Pages we own, or have managed. We do not use bots, 3rd party vendors, or cheap 'Like Farming' practices.

One client project obtained over 5,000 Page Likes in just 3 days- could you too?

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$10K Gross Sales in 10 Days Formula

Example results from a Page Post Engagement ad with product link. We spent approximately $10K in advertising for this one product and returned close to $35K in Gross Sales

Performance screenshots can viewed by clicking the image(s) above. We have intentionally ommitted Page names due to the competitive practices in the industry.

Target Customers Who Are Already Looking For You

Most businesses consider a 20% return on their sales pretty good, but what about a 200% ROI? What if you could spend a dollar, and make two back, or more? Isn't this the way it's supposed to be?

Our battle-tested $10K Gross Sales in 10 Days Formula proves that 200%+ ROI's are possible, and more. The numbers should speak for themselves (see screenshots in this section) as we've accomplished ROI's greater than 500% using Facebook Advertising.

Going a few steps beyond our 10K Likes in 10 Days Formula, our monetization strategies bring Page owners the best of both worlds for fame and fortune. We combine all of the most up-to-date best practices in the industry to build and retain highly targeted customer audiences by going after the right customers that are most likely to buy your product AND keep buying from you.

This eCommerce solution is great for brands that have extra inventory to sell, or even no inventory at all. With minimal overhead, you just pay for the service, and reep all of the benefits!

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Vanilla FB Ads Formula

Our Vanilla FB Ads Formula emphasizes quality over quantity, and long-term organic growth. Read more at

Our Vanilla FB Ads Formula emphasizes quality over quantity, and long-term organic growth.

A More Subtle Approach...

There’s a lot of opinion as to what success looks like on Facebook. One of the biggest assumptions is that you need a ton of Likes to have a successful Page. However, not every organization has the capacity to viral or implement monetization strategies. In fact, most businesses compete in narrow niches and sell specialty products that, for lack of better words, are not sexy. Unique products and services that are not consumable by the masses require custom tailored advertising solutions. This is where our Vanilla FB Ads Formula comes in.

We borrow the term "vanilla" from the world of programming, which simply means "as it is in it's original form." Businesses and organizations that cannot immediately benefit from either of our tailored 10K Formulas can find value through mixing and matching the core components of those formulas to create their own unique project solution.

Ideal candidates for our Vanilla FB Ads Formula might include nonprofits or organizations with narrow niche markets. The Vanilla formula emphasizes quality over quantity, whereby, "less is more" along with steady organic growth.

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Ready To Crush It?

The problem with trying something new, often times, is you don't know what you don't know. If you don't know what it's like to make $35,000 on a single product in a month, or acquire 10,000 Page Likes in a week, then it's easy to get bogged down by meaningless choices or confusion on where to begin. It's easy to look online and see other businesses crushing it, and think to yourself "why can't I be successful too?". Even worse, is the choice to make "safe" decisions instead of pursuing opportunities that are real and right in front of you.

Successful advertising points customers in the right direction for things they are already looking for so they can make decisions for themselves based on the value they've been presented with. However, most types of ads you'll find in modern media are practically mind-numbing punches in the dark or copies of a copy.

The results we've shared with you on this page communicate our priorities for what's really important in advertising: we don't about Leads or Impressions, we only care about Conversions. The only way we succeed is if you succeed, and that means putting aside everyone who says "maybe", and going after customers that say "YES!".

Lead your business towards opportunity, and away from scarcity. Communicate from a place a yes.

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