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Speak To Customers' Unconscious Desires

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Establishing a strong brand means putting forth a positive image, consistently. Whether you're communicating with your friends, followers, clients, or colleagues, you leave a signature on everything you do, as does your business.

On average, it takes approximately seven interactions with a brand before customers will begin to trust it and consider a purchase. This means that every point of engagement between the customer and the business needs to be positive, impressionable, and leave the customer wanting more.

This is where brand design plays an important role: in the form of logos, stationery, graphics for online ads, and much more. Every visual form of communication that comes from your business needs to reflect your business's values and amplify your business's message

Logos & Logotypes

ReSquared Medical Logo - Design by Straub Creative Company in San Francisco

Logo design for ReSquared Medical in Las Vegas, NV.
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Trust In The Creative Process

Our talented team of designers bring a wide-range of styles which offer a variety of design options for new projects. When it comes to logo design- options, details, and proofing are what allow designs to rise to the top in terms of customer trust and loyalty. You can actually see the effort that was put in to their creation, and often times, they hold a power of their own after they've been made. Not only do logos identify a brand, they can also symbolize cultural movements.

We make the painstaking effort to make sure your final brand image is exactly what you want. Your logo is your business's fingerprint- it should be unique and yours to share with the world.

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Business Cards

Business Card Design for The Healing Clinic based out of Chicago, IL. Created by Straub Creative Company at

Business Card Design for The Healing Clinic in Chicago, IL.
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Finish Your Pitch Strong With A Unique Design

It's not just about the design, but it certainly helps if a unique business card is followed up from an excellent pitch. Recent data suggests that approximately 88% of business cards handed out are thrown out in less than one week. With a custom-made design that was carefully thought out, prospects will be forced, unconsciously, to think harder about your brand and what it can offer them.

Sure, VistaPrint is great in a pinch, but there's nothing special about their designs. Business owners who want to make a deeper impression on their prospects after a meeting should give us a call.

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Infographic Design for InHouse Physicians, a worksite health center vendor based out of St. Charles, IL. Created by Straub Creative Company at

The Many Benefits of Green Tea - Infographic
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A New Way To Educate Audiences & Share Data

Infographic designs accompanied with an aggressive marketing strategy are still one of today's top inbound marketing strategies online. Users respond best to images and video, and if the design and audience are right, your message has the capacity to go viral. One of our recent client infographics ranked top-5 for a national search on Google. The best part? It only took about a week to do!

Our infographics design approach moves beyond the static whitepaper to allow data to come alive in a fun and engaging way, thus fostering long-term retention in the minds of your readers.

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Product, Service, & Event Stationery

Employee Health Program Flyer for Sloan Valve Company, based out of Franklin Park, IL. Created by Straub Creative Company at

Employee Health Program Flyer for Sloan Valve Company, based out of Franklin Park, IL.
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Boost Your Pitch & Retention Rates

We specialize in crafting custom stationery designs for office use, as well as for product and service offerings that take place at meetings and events. Examples include program flyers, product demo slicks, office letterhead, and much more. If you've read down this far, you should be coming to realize that we really do it all when it comes to design!

Our favorite projects come from clients who let us build their brand's portfolio assets from the ground up. Through this relationship we are able to pinpoint exactly what it is you're trying to say and how to say it to the outside world. Whether it's producing an impressive flyer for a community meeting, or a program slick for an employee wellness program, we're proud to help you communicate your message attractively and clearly. To us, strong design fosters better business relationships, customer sales, employee retention, and so much more.

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More Examples of Our Work

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What's Your Story?

Do you speak to customers online or in person? How does your brand's graphic assests compliment your pitch? Are you leveraging your strengths with how your business communicates to customers?

These questions matter! Customers often make split-second decisions as to whether or not they are going to engage with a business, simply on presentation alone. Knowing where your customers are, and how to speak to them visually can make the difference between landing a new client, project, or sale.

Our graphic design services are for business owners who want to tell engaging stories about their products. See the difference yourself by giving your readers an experience instead of static figures and facts.

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