Case Study - InHouse Physicians

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February 2015 to July 2016

Aggressive SEO, Web Design, Branding,
Print Design, LinkedIn Advertising


Services Overview

  1. Achieved dominant national and local positioning on search engines for most major and minor industry keywords; SERPs consistently showcase top-5 and top-10 rankings for IHP website URL's and show up more often across a wider keyword base. See google card example here.
  2. Drastically enhanced and streamlined brand's data aggregation online so information about the IHP brand is more readily-available to relevant search queries and contains more consistent messaging.
  3. Improved website design, user flow and enhanced readability for search engines. Modern design now provides easier navigation for interest areas and showcases clearer service descriptions for IHP prospects and search engines while providing clearer calls to action.
  4. Modernized branding assets via redesigned stationery portfolios for IHP sales team and IHP clientele, totaling 65+ documents and infographics (a minimal value worth over $15,000).
  5. Improved brand reach on LinkedIn and established best practices blueprint for future marketing efforts on social media.

Services Detail


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

local seo services by straub creative company will get your business ranked on the front page of Google

During IHP's service term, a majority of SEO efforts were spent strengthening search engine results to increase brand visibility and reach. Click the examples below to see a few highlights of our results:

A rigorous search engine marketing campaign yielded dominant rankings for all major and most minor keywords in the form of top-3 / top-5 / and top-10 rankings depending on market saturation-- thereby strengthening brand reach in a narrow and competitive market.


Web Design

Website redesigns require rigorous planning and strategic implementation - work with @StraubCreative to address your website redesign goals.

When we began service with IHP, we reflected on the work from previous design and marketing vendors, being sure not to disrupt successful efforts while taking consideration of weak areas. Preliminary assessments revealed that while some tasks were done right (even very well), some things were definitely missed, and that's what got our attention-- the "little things" that, if they were dont right the first time, the website would be a lot stronger both functionally and aesthetically.

For a little over a year, collaborative efforts focused on specific target areas that both the IHP team and website analytics data considered weak points to improve on. Targeted redesign efforts later yielded enhanced user experience, content flow, and clearer calls to action.

Service Highlights:

  • Migration away from HubSpot platform, improving blog authority and in-house maintenance of posts.
  • Improved Onsite SEO (stronger meta data, internal linking, rich content and data, etc.).
  • Custom designed branding assets including testimonials and infographics.
  • Integration of GetResponse forms, clearer calls to action for website visitors.
  • Improved user flow and brand messaging site-wide, expanded company narrative to website visitors.
  • Removal of Google Penalties for duplicate and lean content.
  • Replacement of old stock images with licensed copies.

See IHP's new design in action for yourself, by visiting


Graphic Design & Branding

Website redesigns require rigorous planning and strategic implementation - work with @StraubCreative to address your website redesign goals.

Another large portion of our service centralized around graphic design and branding. Many of the client's print branding materials were out of date, which included primary service offerings as well as weekly wellness program flyers for client's beneficiaries. Additionally, the website and social media accounts' imagery needed a lift.

Our efforts yeilded drastically enhanced image-based communication of brand through custom branding design services.

Service Highlights:

  • Complete redesign of out-dated sales and client wellness programs stationery to showcase a more modern aesthetic and up-to-date information for prospects and program participants. Beneficiaries of graphic design services include: InHouse Physicians, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Elbit Systems of America, Sloan Family Health Center, and County Of LeHigh Wellness Center
  • Custom, account-specific designs for social media branding.
  • Portfolio of infographics for online blog-based communications.
  • Streamlined online branding across across ~200+ aggregator listings

Before / After Snapshot of IHP Branded Stationery

Before / After Snapshot of Client Branded Stationery

Featured Infographic Designs:

IHP's newly designed promotional materials are currently used at trade shows, prospect meetings, as well as for client wellness programs. Some infrographics have even achieved top ranking positions on Google ahead of other reputable sources like


LinkedIn Advertising & Lead Generation

LinkedIn Advertising is an incredibly effective strategy for reaching your audience in professional networks. The kwy is understanding who to target and how to engage them - see our case studies at

LinkedIn Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising efforts for IHP, overall, outperformed LinkedIn's recommend CTR averages by a significant margin.

Click-Through-Rates (CTR) for all campaigns averaged at .41, more than 16x better than the LinkedIn recommended CTR at .025. The top campaign performed at .91 CTR, more than 36x better than the LinkedIn CTR average.

We attribute the success of IHP's LinkedIn Ads to the following:

  • Knowing who to target on LinkedIn by means of audience research and reviwing prior success models. Understanding your audience means you know what they want, and how to communicate to them.
  • Knowing how much to bid on ads, and how to scale them up. By far the largest area for error for many businesses is not knowing how much capital to invest on starting bids, and then not knowing how to scale successful ads for maximum ROI. With our strategy, we were able to maximize engagement metrics while maintaining the lowest possible ad spend.
  • Watching and assessing successful ads and failures. Another mistake many businesses make is they try to "force" ads on the customer, or they don't know when to "let go" and try different angles with their advertising. With our strategy, we targeted ideal customers and placed emphasized education and starting a conversation with the brand instead of the "buy now" strategy a lot of businesses fail with.


With a monthly contract, Straub Creative Company was able to achieve dominant search engine rankings in a narrow, saturated market; improve brand communications with new and redesigned collateral; and increase lead generation efforts online via top SERP positions and high-engagement ads.

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Could you be our next client?

Top search engine results, exceptional designs, and data-driven advertising right to your customers--
it's what we do!

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