Instructional Coaching - Learn Programming or Design in Buffalo, NY!

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Have you ever wondered how to program, create art, or build things? Straub Creative Company believes in more than just providing a service - we believe in building the next wave of makers and doers to tackle some of the biggest problems that affect communities today.

 To us, more productive individuals = more productive communities.

...and you can play a part in becoming a maker. Learn how to do any of these tasks yourself, from:

  • Website design and programming.
  • How to leverage open-source tools to achieve more productive workflows.
  • Using photoshop and how to create digital paintings.
  • How to build 3D objects and use a 3D printer.
  • ...or any other service you see on this site!

Great for 1-on-1 sessions or team building exercises, get a hold of us today!