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Below you'll find a list of our most successful projects. Client types range from small to big business, nonprofits to NGO's, and even other independent specialists like us!

Each portfolio item previews some information on the client and their project's details, along with relevant links for your viewing. Some projects include Case Studies as well which dive deeper into how the project was executed and the what types of results that were obtained.

While some project goals overlap, no two were the same. The work history showcased below is to show the wide array of skills and experience we can offer you and your business.

Jump Guides

Ready-to-use + Shareable Documentation For the Humanitarian World

Jump Guides offers academically researched and professionally designed documentation articles that are ready-to-use and highly sharable for the benefit of the global humanitarian community.

The project was made possible through a collaboration with Statistics Without Borders along with many talented humanitarian field experts who helped us pull together the data we needed to create our first documentation project.

Currently the site is managed and facilitated by Andy Gimma and Zachary Straub. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this highly collaborative open-source project.

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Term: May 2017 to July 2017
Role: Web & Graphic Designer, Co-Project Manager
Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Project Facilitation
Technology: WordPress, Venngage Infographic Software

ReSquared Medical

IV Hydration Therapy & Vitamin Shots

ReSquared Medical is an alternative healthcare provider in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their IV Therapy products are specifically tailored for athletes, competitors, and health-minded enthusiasts.

Our work with Re2 showcases our ability to work with new businesses to establish a brand and break through into competitive online markets.

Learn more about this project by clicking the case study link below.

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Term: May 2016 to December 2016
Role: Design & Marketing Consultant
Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Technology: WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud

InHouse Physicians

Leaders In The Next Generation of Worksite Clinics

InHouse Physicians is a healthcare services provider for self-insured employers based out of St. Charles, Illinois.

Our work with IHP shows that at the corporate level, our team delivers on exceptional branding designs and lead-driven marketing campaigns- even for narrow niche markets that are hard to target.

Learn more about this project by clicking the case study link below.

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Term: February 2015 to July 2016
Role: Design & Marketing Consultant
Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), LinkedIn Advertising
Technology: WordPress, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The Healing Clinic

Medical Cannabis Clinic & Patient Advocacy Center

One of our first and most successful partnerships, The Healing Clinic is the first and only patient advocacy center in Illinois. From the ground up, our team worked with THC staff to build a stunning brand that to this day (more than 3 years later), dominates all of their competitors online.

Featuring a unique and attractive web design with WooCommerce integration and a custom-designed UI skin, one of THC's star web features includes a Cannabis Direcory Map for certified patients and MMJ partners in Illinois.

THC ranks #1 on Google, month-after-month, for all of their relevant keywords locally and state-wide, and boasts over 11k Facebook Likes with consistent engagement. Because of the brand's viral growth, wide-spread recognition, and grassroots "let's work together" approach, THC operates as a true leader in the state's cannabis pilot program.

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Term: June 2014 to July 2016
Role: Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning Consultant
Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Marketing, Brand Consulting
Technology:WordPress, WooCommerce, Mapbox, Facebook Ads, Adobe Creative Suite

Crisis Cleanup

Ready-To-Deploy Collaborative Disaster Relief Mapping & Coordination Application

Crisis Cleanup is a decentralized disaster relief platform that allows large organizations like FEMA and Red Cross and smaller local organizations to share data and coordinate relief.

Crisis Cleanup has assisted in 57 disaster cleanups since July 2012, in 31 states, and 5 countries with approximately 700 relief organizations, worldwide. Relief efforts impacted over 32,000 homes since it's inception after Hurricane Sandy.

Our role in this project was to lead and execute design and UI/UX efforts for the launch of Crisis Cleanup ALPHA.

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Term: June 2015 to May 2016
Role: Lead Design
Services: UI/UX, Front-end Web Development, Graphic Design
Technology: HTML5, CSS3/SaSS, Javascript, Rails, Zurb Foundation, GitHub

Anya Manes Enterprises

Talking About Sex: Sex Education & Consulting For Parents

Anya, a long time educator for parents and kids, leads workshops and coaches parents on having open and honest conversations about sex and relationships.

Our role was to provide Anya with an attractive blog design for her consulting business, which included onsite WordPress training so she could manage the website on her own to keep service costs down while growing her business.

Anya now manages the website on her own and has garnered a large following of parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond who appreciate her message.

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Term: February 2015 to Present
Role: Design & Marketing Consultant
Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Strategic Planning
Technology: WordPress

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